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We are totally committed to the companies we represent, the instruments they build, the customers we serve, the service we render and the friendships we make along the way.



Music is our medium of ministry, and in that context we believe we represent

the absolute best in musical and technological instrumentality with the Rodgers, Johannus and Roland instruments. If there is better, we haven't seen it. If there were better, we would be representing it.



Excellence  is a priority and must be at the core of our every endeavor. We recognize that we exist solely because of our customers. That fact alone drives us toward excellence.


Gary Lowe | President

Church Organ Consultants was founded in 1980 and is owned by Gary Lowe. Church Organ Consultants serves the central and southwest Virginia territory for both Rodgers, Johannus, and Roland . Gary has an extensive musical and engineering background, uniquely qualifying him to present the product from both the technical and artistic side.


For over 33 years, Gary has served as the organist for the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, which was pastored by Jerry Falwell until his death in 2007. His son, Jonathan, now pastors the church.


In the early-80's, Gary installed a Rodgers organ at the church's original location on Thomas Road. In 2006, the church moved into its new facility on Liberty Mountain adjacent to Liberty University, and a new Rodgers Four Manual Masterpiece Series organ was installed. Gary continues to serve as organist. The Sunday morning service at Thomas Road is televised nationally.

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